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INM FMA Salesian Family Meet
INM FMA Salesian Family Meet
INM FMA Salesian Family Meet
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Past Pupil Meet
INM FMA Salesian Family Meet

Mother Provincial’s Message

Dear Alumni of our Salesian Family,

Hearty greetings from your beloved Mother Sr Devadoss Margaret! It gives me immense pleasure to continue our everlasting family ties with you and admire your very presence in the Past Pupils Federation of INM FMA. As you step out of your Alma Mater, you are automatically stepping into the Great and bigger Family of the FMA’s (Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco) world around.

Salesian Alumni are the real “Treasure” and “Source of Inspiration” for all our educational Institutions and you are the great ambassadors in promoting your beloved Alma mater’s name to the outside world. Your achievements after your education in our institutions reflect the quality of our Salesian Education. We, the Family of FMA – INM, thank you for being our treasure, source of inspiration and vital members of the Salesian Family in living and spreading values such as forgiveness, compassion, love, fraternity, respect, solidarity, peace and justice, the values you imbibed,  in the place you live and work. I wish to appreciate each of you for being good and honest citizens of God and country and salute you for acquiring a prestigious position in your area of expertise and making your Alma Mater feel proud! You are our joy and our glory!

I am sure there are many good reasons for alumni members to be constantly in touch with your alma mater.  We, the Salesian Educators, not only admire your achievements but also expect you to share your expert knowledge in your relevant fields to further enhance, strengthen and reinforce the overall quality of our Educational Institutions. We urge you dear alumni members to stay connected and to extend your support and collaboration in all the possible ways, to strengthen your loving bond with your Salesian Family. Our hearts and this Past Pupils website portal are always open to receive your life views and values, life stories that give meaning to you and the other family members. Stay blessed! Stay Connected!

Let’s do our best to pray for each other, listen and share the joys and sorrows of our family members and rejoice and appreciate the success of everyone!

May our Saintly Mother Mazzarello and Don Bosco accompany you in your life journey!

May the maternal guidance of Mary Most Holy sustain you as you dream, and dream for a better world for all where a civilization of love will reign supreme!

God Bless you all!

Sr Devadoss Margaret FMA 

Provincial – INM

Greetings from  Sr. Arokia Jayaceli.

Happy feast  of St.John Bosco. Today is the feast of St. John Bosco, and we are celebrating the bicentenary of his inspiring dream at the age of nine. The members of the FMA  Past pupil  Association continue to live the spirit of  Don Bosco in various capacities and places in the past years.  I am sure you will remember the main key words of the dream of John Bosco  “Not with blows but with kindness”. “  Be humble, strong and robust”.  Don Bosco dream has become reality through you. Your gestures of loving kindness, accompaniment of young people, word in the ear, financial support, patient  listening , gentle smile, guidance, love for the poor are the ways   in which you make the dream  to come alive. Live and be the promoters of Salesian spirituality where ever you are.  I request you to spend quality time with your family. Salesian spirituality always promoted family spirit. Never forget to read, Don Bosco promoted the reading habit. Good literature will refresh your body and mind.  Read the   wisdom literature, self-improvement books and Salesian literature   and promote the reading habit among the young people. 

Dear Past pupils we the FMA educators remember you with much joy and love. We pray for you every day and encourage you to stay connected with your Alma matter. Be humble, strong, and robust when you face difficulties and the challenges of life. Don Bosco was great dreamer. Let us continue to be great dreamers for young people and pray for each other. May our Blessed mother protect  and guide you.  Thank you! God bless you!

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