Dear Past pupil and members of the Salesian Family , I am happy to present the history and the activities of the Past Pupils Association . The Past Pupils Association is the most precious legacy of the Salesian family. The collective strength of the Past pupils of Salesian Institutions spread the spirit of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness rendered by our Founder St.John Bosco and St.Mary Mazarello. Blessed by the Salesian spirituality, the Past Pupils function as the long hands of their Alma Maters in spreading love, kindness and joy. They descend from diverse cultures but are united as the sons and daughters of Salesian Institutions. The Past Pupil association is unique as it is directly connected with the Salesian Fathers and Sisters. Drawing inspiration from Mamma Margaret’s role model of Christian Faith and Fr. Philip De Rinaldi, the Founder of the Past Pupils Association and the Past Pupils commit themselves to live the Salesian spirituality in their families and workplaces.

History of the FMA Past Pupils Association
St. Thomas the Apostle Chennai.

The Past Pupils Association was established on March 19th, 1908, at the FMA oratory Valdoco, Italy. Today we have thousands of Past Pupils all over the world. The Past Pupils reach out to the works of solidarity and education to young people and take part in the Salesian service to the young.
The FMA Past Pupil Association was founded in the year 1938 under the able guidance of Sr. Sandra Burgos in St. Mary’s Convent Vellore. During the time of the Second World War, all modes of communication were banned, but the circulars were sent to all the past pupils. Those circulars are preserved in the archives till now. From 1947 to 1957 the Past Pupils met every month and discussed various activities, from 1957 onwards it was decided to conduct the meeting annually. In the year 1978, the National Past Pupils’ congress was held in St. Mary’s Vellore in which around 700 Past Pupils participated from all over the world. Presently, the Province of Chennai has 13 units with 437 Past Pupil as active members. The Province-level election of the office bearers of the Past Pupils Association is conducted once in three years. The 2023 election was held in July 2023, and the following team was elected for different posts are:

Ms. Shree Sruthi E – President of the Past Pupil Federation
Mr. Hari S – Vice-President of the Past Pupil Federation
Mrs. Sahaya Divya J – Secretary of the Past Pupil Federation
Ms. Mary Keerthi V – Treasurer of the Past Pupil Federation

Ms. Mary Reena A and Ms. Archana A V – Councilors


Formation of the Association – 
Province Level:
• The Past people delegates organized two meetings annually, introducing the Strenna, peace message of the Holy Father. Documents of the church and statutes of the Past Pupil and literature on Salesian Spirituality.
• The Mother Provincial is present for the meeting to animate the Past pupils and to be enlivened by their presence. It is a time of sharing and bonding between the Salesian Sisters and the Past Pupils
• The vision and principles of Mamma Margaret and Fr.PhilipRinaldi are reflected as they are the role models of the Past Pupils Association as a way of strengthening the legacy of the Salesian institutions.
• The council members are elected once in three years during the Past pupil meetings.
• Past pupils make all the efforts to the spirituality of Preventive system in the Salesian Educational ambiance as shepherdess of many young people who receive education from Salesian educational Institutions.
• For all important events, celebrations, educative interventions, the past pupils are invited to share their expertise with the FMA Community and the entire educating community.
Formation of theLocal Past pupil units
• Local units of the Past Pupil Association conducts periodical elections and by which the past pupils are involved to develop leadership qualities
• All the units of the past pupil Association conduct their meetings regularly on August 15th and January 26th as they are the national holiday, which is convenient for the Past Pupils to take part in the meeting.
• Past pupil enrollment is encouraged for all the students who leave the institute but few of them become active members of the Association.
• The Past pupil enrollment registers, minutes and photo albums are maintained in all the units to keep record of the events and the history of the Association.
• The Superiors and the Delegate sisters encourage the units and organize the programme in collaboration with all the members.
• Members of the Past Pupil Associations, constantly establish cordial and friendly rapport with the FMA community and neighborhood areas
Apostolic Commitment
• The Past pupils teach catechism in the parishes and in the schools.
• Past pupils serve as mentors and the counsellors to young students.
• They visit villages to pray for the sick and the poor.
• The Past Pupil come together to pray and encourage family prayer.
• The Past Pupils study the church documents “Loudatosi” and Joy of Gospel and other documents.
Social Commitment
• Members visit Non-governmental organizations, Government hospitals, Old Age Homes and other organizations to share the joy of love.
• School fees for many poor students are paid by members of the past pupil Association.
• The members give awareness programmes on social issues like health and hygiene, child sexual abuse, Prevention of child trafficking and Gender Inequality.
• Many of the Past pupils continue to live the Salesian values and traditions like “Good morning thoughts” and “Goodnight thoughts”.
• The Past pupils share their resources, time and skills to explain on New education Policy, Child Protection Policy and Preamble of the Indian Constitution.
• The Members organise fund-raising programmes to educate the young people and to fulfill their needs.
• Some of the Past pupil units have adopted villages to cater to the needs of the poor. The Past Pupils extend their generous help in providing educational aids, meals, paying school fees and other help.
• The Past pupils make effort to promote ecological concerns by distributing seed balls to many children in the schools.
• Christmas celebration and other celebrations are organized by Past Pupils in villages and other Government organisations.
• The Members organize programmes to introduce present students to the professional world and to make them proactive to face the challenges that may emerge in their career.
• Members conduct orientation and Training programmes to students on various topics to enhance their skills and confidence.
• The Members conducting social welfare activities such as blood donation, health awareness programs, tree plantation, cleanliness drive etc.
Efforts made to strengthen the Association
• We live in an era of communication technology. An exclusive website for the Past Pupils Movement of the Province and WhatsApp groups were created in August 2018 to strengthen the relationship among the past pupils.
• Past pupils are invited for various functions, festivals and family gatherings as chief guests to show to inspire the present pupils to a sustained commitment to their alma maters
• An Evaluation Meeting was conducted periodically to assess the functioning of the local units and to strengthen the units.
• Past pupils are given preference for appointment of the Jobs in Salesian Institutions, to ensure active collaboration of Past Pupils in the Educational Ministry as they pass on the values they have received from the Salesian Institutions.


In a world driven by greed for money and power we, the members of the Past Pupils Association come together to know each other, love one another, help one another and be united to live the Salesian spirituality to accompany our young people, following the path of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello.