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Welcome to FMA Alumni Home

provincialWe were happy to prepare ourselves spiritually for a month on the theme “Evangelized to Evangelize” to celebrate the Provincial Community Day. The eagerly awaited day dawned on 25th Jan. 2014. The celebration started at the break of the day with all the animators of the communities as we journeyed at 5.45 a.m. from Trichy Novitiate. The well animated Morning Prayer enthused us to praise and thank God for all the copious blessings that the Lord showers on the communities and on the Province.
We reached Auxilium College at Regunathapuram where all were warmly welcomed. The decorated campus was filled with the young people of the Arts and Science and the B. Ed colleges, the Salesian Family Members and the people of the locality. The beautiful nature around us and the atmosphere set the tone of the celebration. There was a lot of greeting, smiling and joy in the air. The novices and the sisters gathered in the refectory, after cutting a delicious cake, performed a melodious action song and the gifts were given by all the communities as a sign of gratitude. The funds contributed by all the communities was gifted to the developmental work of Auxilium College at Regunathapuram.