Province level Past Pupils Meet was held at Our Lady’s, Thiruvottiyur, on 13.07.2013. It was a marvelous day when 100 past pupils of various Units with their delegates gathered as one family.

The Registration of the Past Pupils Started at 9.30a.m and we began the meeting with the prayer service animated by Thiruvottiyur Unit. A warm Welcome was given to the whole gathering by the Kodambakkam Unit in a very Creative way.

The main theme of this Meet was addressed by Rev.Sr.Josephine Rani, General Coordinator. And the theme was ‘’A Home that Evangelizes’’. She gave an inspiring message on this theme that each one of us should build such Homes of Love and kindness; as service minded people we need to render our help and reach out to the today’s youth, Marginalized and needy people; to make a difference in our life by giving our Love, Sharing our time and caring for others. We can do these wonderful deeds only if we have Faith in God. God has created us all with love so let us Share the beautiful gifts of Charity, Patience and Tenderness with others to make this world a beautiful garden to live happily.

After a short Coffee break, we all enjoyed the group photo of all the Past Pupils with their delegates. After which the It Asian & Pacific Region Congress Association of Past Pupil of FMA which was held of Thailand from It May to 5th May was presented through multimedia programme. Then Sr.Amala D’ Rose & Mrs. Rose Mary who participated in this Congress shared their unforgettable and splendid experience and the joy of being a part of such great Association.

After the Lunch Break, the important event of this meet the election of New office Bearers was held at 2.00p.m. Sr.Margaret Sebastian, the Province Delegate, explained the norms of the Election. She asked the members to reflect and pray to the Holy Spirit to elect the office bearers. All participated and gave their votes sincerely. After Voting, according to the number of Votes, Mrs.P.Mary Victoria who secured the highest number of votes was elected as the PRESIDENT of the Past Pupil Unit for the Year 2013 -2014.

Vice President : Mr.Karthick

Secretary : Ms.Neya Flower

Treasurer : Mr.Govind

Councillors : Mrs.Irudaya Mary – Chennai Zone

: Mrs.Mary Jeromia – Vellore Zone

: Mr.Gnanaceelan – Thanjore Zone

After the Election, the previous office Bearers were thanked and honored by Rev.Sr.Margaret Sebastian, the Provincial Delegate of Past Pupils Association for their sincere and lovable service to their unit.

After which the Group Discussion took place in which 3 questions were given and each group discussed those questions and gave their views. This Meeting came to an end with a vote of thanks and Prayer. Everyone was grateful to Rev.Sr.Margaret Sebastian, the Animator of Our Lady’s, Thiruvottiyur for her kind hospitality.

Sr.Margaret Sebastian, fma, INM

Provincial Delegate for Past Pupils Association – INM