The Federation Council is :

  • Sr.Lazar Maria Nirmala – The Provincial
  • Sr.Ambrose Arokia Jayaceli – The Federation delagate
  • Mrs. Jeeva – President of the Past Pupil Federation
    Mrs. Valentine Usha – Vice-President of the Past Pupil Federation
    Mrs. SachuKumari – Secretary of the Past Pupil Federation
    Mrs. Mary Sumathi Bai – Treasurer of the Past Pupil Federation

Levels of Membership in the Association:
All the final year students who are studying Salesian institutions are enrolled as members of the Salesian Past Pupils Association. Delegates of the Past Pupils make efforts to introduce the goals of the FMA Past pupil association to the new members. In 2018 around 1200 past pupils have enrolled however few students turn out to be active members of the Past Pupil Association

Delegates of the Past pupils:
Sr. Ambrose ArokiaJayaceli is the Province-level Delegate from the year 2017 onwards. She represents, animates and accompanies the Past Pupils Association. The Delegate sisters of the fourteen local units represent the community and promote the charism and encourage the past pupils to live the Salesian spirituality. They take care to animate and to foster a network of relationship within and outside the Salesian family. Delegates ensure the Association’s fidelity to the Church and to the Spirit of Don Bosco.

• To keep track of the Past pupils and their status and make use of their resources.
• To encourage the lay collaborators and develop lay leadership in the Association
• we have worked as Past Pupil Association separately and now we are called to think and work as Salesian Family together.
• Past pupils need to involve themselves into socio-political issues and to take up leadership in the political sphere and social organisations
• As most of the women are heavily burdened by work at home and workplace, we are not able to get them involved with the service programmes outside our Institutions.
• We need to improve the constant communication with them through modern technology.
• We need to deepen the Salesian spirituality through study and other means.
• The local President and the Sr. Delegate to involve to animate past pupil units constantly