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The past pupil’s meeting was animated on 15th August in the year 2012-13. Thirteen past pupil’s participated in it.  The animator Rev. Sr. Amali Devaraj was the chief guest.


Money is given to selvi Prema studying 3rd Standard in Sacred Heart Elementary School, by the Past pupil’s contribution.  Superior  Rev.Sr. Lucy is giving the money to prema.

7Money is given to selvi .Radhika Studying 3rd standard in Sacred Heart Ele. School, by the past pupil’s contribution.  Sr. Vimala delegate of the past pupil in Polur unit is giving the money to Radhika.

Scan - 2Money is given to Selvi .viji studying 3rd standard in Sacred Heart Ele. School, by the past pupil’s contribution.

Scan - 3Scan - 4 our past pupil unit helped the poor children for their Education.

Scan - 5 A past pupil is rendering service to the boarders in the evening studies.

6Mrs. Regi Our past pupil is teaching the little ones in the evening.

10Rev. Fr. Augustine sdb was the chief guest on 20.10.2015 the past pupil’s meet.  He spoke about the role of the past pupil’s in the time of Don Bosco.

11Mrs. Juno Bosco our past pupil bought new dress for  few children and gave them as Christmas charity.

12Bags were bought from the past pupil’s money and were given to six girls as Christmas charity.


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