Provincial’s Message

Beloved members of the Salesian family- Dear Past pupils
Loving Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus. I would like to share some of the best moments in the growth of the INM Province. The new province INT was dedicated to Our Lady of Snow which was erected on June 10, 2017 Thiruchirapalli. We thank God for this growth and the miracle of His love.

Past pupils form the largest number among all the members of the Salesian family who live the unique salesian spirituality in the church and in the society. As past pupils we form a secular force with the greatest potential to collaborate actively, responsibly and consciously with a vast number of young people in our educational ministry.

Sr.LAZAR Maria Nirmala F.M.A

Every Salesian sister is happy and proud to see a Past pupil in any part of the world, because in you we witness the richness of the Salesian spirit bearing fruit in its abundance. You share with us the common roots, history and objectives of the integral formation of the young. Many of you who studied in our institutions have become teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, civil servants above all, you are loving mothers who continue to recall memories of your alma mater and thus keep the Salesian spiritually in your own families and wherever you are working. You continue to remind and encourage us. It is worth to be Salesian educators in the most difficult times. Jesus the Good Shepherd helps you to draw inspiration and live the gospel values according to the signs of times.

As I am grateful for all that you are and you do by your witnessing life, I exhort you to continue to read Salesian literature, and live the Gospel values, to be the missionaries of Hope and Joy. You are a great source to strengthen the family apostolate and bring up our young people in the spirit of faith. Stay connected with the past pupils’ unit. Share your thoughts, ideas and above all your life journey with young people. Past pupils have an exclusive website so that you can have a better mode of communication.
May Mary help of Christians bless you and be close to you. Everyday you are remembered in our prayers. Don Bosco’s advice to all the past pupils is: “Remain united and help one another” I wish that your life brings new synergy, reunion, relationship, spiritual unity among the regional and local past pupil units We do depend on your prayers. Thank you.

SR. Maria Nirmala Lazar
Mother provincial
INM Province.(2017 October)